Product Management • UX/UI design • Front-End

I started Printly in fall 2015 as a side project with my friends. Printly is an online printing platform. People can upload their documents, set up how they want to print it out, set where they want to pick it up and they order it.

[github link]



I was responsible for managing the team, talking with customers, designing the product and building the front-end.

Product strategy

Our lean approach was to focus on the university students at first then expand to B2B customers, especially to SMBs or to 3d printing. Initially the business model was to make it free for students but for printing shops we had a pay per use model.


I wanted to validate the product before it was even built, so I decided to try to sell it to printing shops. I had to quickly realise that if they wanted to they could develop this within a few weeks. They didn’t care about how awesome the customer experience was, they cared about how much lead we could generate for them.


Unfortunately we had to put this project on ice, but I think I learned a lot from this adventure.


  • Start talking with customers the moment you have the concept in your mind.
  • Identify who is your key asset and focus on them.